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Technology and Intellectual Property of Tinker Tailor

The world’s first digital destination for the creation and
customization of women’s luxury clothing

Sale Includes:

  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • Domain name
  • Logo
Tinker Tailor

The company’s technology and intellectual property can be purchased jointly or separately.

Background and Important Considerations:

  • Tinker Tailor was launched in 2014 to wide press coverage and has garnered recognition as an industry pioneer. Subsequently, the company enjoyed strong growth and was selected as one of the top-10 most innovative companies in style of 2015 by Fast Company magazine. However, facing significant financial challenges, in July 2015, Tinker Tailor ceased operations.
  • 2014 Gross Sales were $0.9 Million. 2015 Gross Sales were forecasted to be $4.2 Million.
  • At its peak, the site generated 200,000+ page views per month. Even after winding down, it continues to generate approximately 40,000 page views per month.
  • At buyer’s discretion, business can be relaunched with minimal investment. Key executives and developers are available to support the transition of the assets to the buyer, and assist in either restarting Tinker Tailor or repurposing the technology.
  • Over $1.0 Million was invested into the development of the applications. Management believes that an additional $0.2 Million is required to fine-tune the technology.
  • Likewise, management believes that the technology developed by the company is unique and patentable, and are prepared to begin or support the patent application process to facilitate the sale.

Technology Overview:

The website and the full-functionality mobile application are extensible e-commerce platforms. Among the many advanced features, they include the state-of-the-art capability to create and customize 3D rendered clothing pieces or other items. Technology and modules include:

  • Open source stack
    • Python, using the Django Framework (MVC)
    • Elasticsearch (Browse/Search)
  • Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure
    • ELB (Enterprise Load Balancing)
    • S3 (file services)
    • RDS (Remote Data Services)
  • Cloudfront (CDN)
  • Back End Customization Engine
  • Back End Social Networking
    • Elasticsearch
    • DynamoDB
  • Back End Order Management via Magento
  • Back End Analytics and Reporting
    • Google Analytics
    • Indicative
    • NewRelic
  • Back End REST Framework
  • Web Front End Customization and Creation Platform
    • AngularJS
  • Web Front End 3D Rendering Engine
  • Web Front End Social, Catalog, and Shop
    • HTML/JS (Boostrap/jQuery/etc)

Process and Key Dates:

Parties interested in participating in the sale process are requested to contact Clearbid Capital. Execution of a confidentiality agreement will be required to receive additional materials. Parties interested in placing bids will need to demonstrate financial wherewithal by submitting a 20% deposit along with their bid prior to the competing bid deadline. Deposits will be returned to non-winning bidders in accordance with the Bid Procedures.

Competing Bid Deadline: December 5, 2015 at 5:00PM EST
Auction Date: December 7, 2015 at 1:00PM EST


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